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About Us

Dlux Karate students

About Our School

D-Lux Karate University offers the best Martial Arts & Self Defense in Shelby Township.
We offer classes 6 days a week.
Programs start ages 4 years old to Adult!
We have programs for – Children, Teens, Adults & Families
Our School is state-of-the-art, with over 3000 square feet of training floor covered in Olympic style mats.

Voted Best Martial Arts School two years in a row by Channel 4 NBC Detroit!

We provide top-notch martial arts training that will improve everything you do. Our program is more than just basic kicking, punching and throws. We provide our students with a life skills program found nowhere else in the area. Our goal is to give you rock solid confidence, laser beam focus and help increase your fitness level.

The style we teach is a hybrid style of martial arts.

American karate is

  • 60% Strikes, punches, kicks and blocks
  • 30% Grappling, Arm bars, throws, take downs, joint locks and restraints
  • 10% Weapon for self defense, tournaments and hand eye coordination.

American karate is a break down of styles Master Lux and other instructors at our school have trained in- Tang Soo Do, Karate, Tae Kwon do, Youchin Ryu, Ninjustu, Filipino martial arts, Close quarters self defense & Sport karate.


Master Adam Lux has been training in martial arts for almost 25 years. For close to 20 years of that, he contributed by teaching, assistant teaching & helping out at the dojo anywhere he could. Master Lux’s highest rank is a 5th degree black belt. He also holds rank in other styles of martial arts as well. Growing up, when anyone would offer to let him train with them, he always took the opportunity. Our program has helped to change and benefit many lives since 2008. We hope to be part of yours!

I look forward to meeting you and talking about taking you on the journey to earning a black belt. Please fill out the contact us form and I or my staff will get back to you. If you are looking for anything in the martial arts I can help!

Adam Lux and Chuck Norris

Why Choose DLux Karate University?

Be part of a team

At D-Lux karate you will not just be a number. You will be a student and part of a martial arts family. Make friends that last a lifetime!

Top-Notch Instructors

At D-Lux karate you will not just be a number. You will be a student and part of a martial arts family. Make friends that last a Master Lux and his staff personally care about the progress and goals of every student who joins, let’s work together and help make your goals happen!

happy parent with child


  • I think that master Adam D. Lux is an awesome person and i wish to train with him in the future. If my sensais trust him then i do. He just doesn't teach he also competes which i believe sets a great teacher apart from a good teacher.

  • Strength. Honor. Commitment.

  • Very nice place and friendly and kids learn very quickly !!! I recommend this place to learn karate

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