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  • My children absolutely love DLUX, I am extremely happy with how much they have learned in such a short amount of time of being in the program Master Adam is fun very caring and genuinely concerned about the progress of each and everyone of his students!He takes pride in his Dojo and the progress of his black belts in the making, also Mr Marc is a great addition to the program the kids love him and are always happy to see him in the class as well! Keep up the great work DLUX!

  • D-Lux is a place that welcomes people of all walks of life with open arms. Its an authentic school with a rich history of champions, but mire importantly its a family friendly environment. Master Adam Lux has been instrumental in building this culture that has no rivals. I definitely recommend you check D-Lux out ASAP.

  • Everyone in my family loves this school, thank you for everything. We are looking forward to many more years of D-Lux Karate ????

  • I've been wanting to take self-defense courses for a while. After signing my son up with DLUX , I was impressed by Master Lux's viewpoint on self defense. He told me it isn't something you learn in a day or weekend. It requires practice so it becomes an immediate reaction when needed. I decided to try it out and soon joined soon after. After just a few classes I see my cardio is challenged and I have become more alert on how to react under an attack. Whether someone grabs my purse or pulls a knife out on me. I'm beginning to learn there are ways to help my self. Master displays many ways you can protect yourself which opens my mind up to how restricted I was before on fighting back. He is preparing you for a more natural response in a bad situation. Rather then my fright and flight mode which doesn't work. One day session would not have been enough. Now I'm enjoying this class as it enhances my cardio and defense skills. My son and I have now a common interest.

  • Very good instructor. works very well with the kids and even offers one on one. My son has been doing this class for a year and the improvement in balance and coordination is astounding!

  • Very nice place and friendly and kids learn very quickly !!! I recommend this place to learn karate

  • Master Lux is encouraging and strict. Great at building up kids self confidence while teaching trust and respect. Best decision I made for my daughter.

  • Strength. Honor. Commitment.

  • D-lux Karate is a great school to bring the whole family too!

  • Amanda Belloli Nasiadko recommends D-Lux Karate.
    My son love it here. He goes 4 days a week but would come every day if he could!!

  • My son really loves this place. It is a lot of fun to sit in on the classes they are funny and informative.

  • I highly recommend this martial arts school for its passionate and caring staff!

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