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Kathy McAllisrer

Master Adam is excellent teaching his classes, our child enjoys going and has FUN!

September 11, 2019

Terry W

Karate is one of the best decisions I made for my daughter. It has helped her with self confidence and respect. Adam is great with the kids and makes learning fun.

September 11, 2019

Tina Combs

Our grandchildren, have been so happy under the instruction of Master Lux and his staff. They focus not only on teaching the skills and meaning of the sport They make respect, discipline , and safety important. The students are taught to use their heads before their hands, These things are encouraged with each class. Master Continue Reading

September 11, 2019

My Highest Recommendation

One of the top schools in the United States. Adam Lux is a serious student of martial arts and of student development and runs a great school. He/They have my highest recommendation.

Stephen Oliver December 4, 2018

One of the Best Dojo’s in the Area

Hands down one of the best Dojo’s in the area. Both my daughters earned their black belts at D-Lux karate.

Lmarie Juncaj December 4, 2018

Training Fun Yet Effective

I’ve trained with Adam for years and he is a fantastic martial arts instructor! Adam is great with all ages and has a way to make training fun yet effective! Stop in and try a class, Dlux Karate has a great system set up you won’t regret it!

Ryan Gorman December 4, 2018

Very Enthusiastic and Passionate

Adam is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching martial arts! He is constantly working to deliver the best Program possible for his students. Not only does he teach exceptional techniques (kicks, punches, self-defense) he is dedicated to helping students with their focus, self-confidence and self-control through his Character Development Program!

Steven Seme December 4, 2018

EVERYONE Should Give This Place a Try

I started karate here in the 5th grade and I’m now a senior at Romeo with a 4.024 GPA and graduating 10th in my class. I became a second degree black belt here and it helped me keep my focus on school as well! EVERYONE should give this place a try, fun environment and teaches Continue Reading

Shayla Hinkley December 4, 2018

Get Your Kids Started Down the Right Path at Dlux Karate

Get your kids started down the right path at Dlux Karate. Confidence and self esteem are ever so important in their world today. There is no better fun activity while teaching them the much needed lessons for success in school and in life. Girls and boys! Karate at Dlux will enhance every part of their Continue Reading

Joe Mudel December 4, 2018

Master Lux is an Excellent Martial Artist and Instructor

Master Lux is an excellent martial artist and instructor. I have known Master Lux for over 10 years, and his passion for martial arts has never faded. His knowledge of martial arts runs deep, and I highly recommend anyone to train with him.

Adam Siwecki December 4, 2018

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