Professor Lux teaching in Boston Massachusetts (Fitchburg MA)

January 25th 2019 and Jan 26th 2019 Professor Lux Taught in Fitchburg Massachusetts about an hour away from Boston.  Professor Lux Was ask to teach at the school after they watch him teach in November 2018 in Colorado.  When he got landed at the Boston Airport it was a nice Sunny day. After the hour driving he got to go visit the school and meet the students who would be attending classes the following day. He also taught a little of the Friday class.

Saturday 26th 1st work shop was White Belts to Green belts Kids and Families Basic Sparring drills and ideas with ways to make them work for them. Event took place 10 am until 11:30am.

Next at 12:00pm until 1:30pm He taught a intro to Sai class. In this class students got to learn how to use a Sai. From the history of the weapon, warm ups, how to hold the tool and how to use it.

After that from 2:00 to 4:00pm he taught Advance belts and Black Belt Sparring Class.  This class was designed for higher belts to work on new ways to look at sparring and add moves to their tool books when it comes to fighting.

That day he taught over 150 students at that school.

When he left it a snow blizzard on his flight back to Michigan.