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DLux Karate Award-Winning "Karate Kid" Children’s Program        Ages 6 to 9

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Why do nine out of ten parents choose DLux Karate over the rest?

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Our 6-9 year old "Karate Kid" Program is one of simply amazing. Starting children at such a young age, shapes their lives forever.   With students starting at the age of three, we realized that to produce great students and keep them around for a long time, we had to make the training as fun and comprehensive as possible. 

What do parents have to say about our "Karate Kid" Program?

Our 6-9 year old Program starts with teaching students to listen properly. Many people do not realize that listening is a skill, and one that needs to be developed in order for children to reach their maximum potential. Next we use specially designed lessons to improve students ability to focus. Being able to listen and focus on tasks is what success in life is based upon.

The reason our Program is so effective with children in this age bracket because we use a teaching method called Edu-Tainment, combining education with entertainment to engage the child’s imagination. As professionals, we realize that the more excited and interested a child is in our classes, the longer they will stay interested and active.

The end result is increased self esteem, self confidence and self control. These all lead to a more productive and able young child. We want all of our students to possess these skills, and believe all parents can see how they correlation to overcoming challenges in the real world.

Here are just some of the benefits of our 6-9 year old Program

  • Improved concentration through what we call the "Rules Of Concentration."

  • More self-esteem and improved self-confidence

  • Understanding self-discipline and why it is absolutely necessary for success. This alone often improves grades in school.

  • Increased motivation and development of a positive mental attitude, to understand that growth comes from overcoming adversity and completing achievements.

  • Goal-setting skills and practical applications.

  • The self-confidence and self-discipline to say "NO" to drugs and other negative influences.

  • "Stranger Danger" training. Learning how to spot and avoid danger. What to do if danger is unavoidable.

  • Social interaction, sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun! And so much more!

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We love Master Adam. Right
away we noticed more confidence, and better listening skills in our 6 year old son. Master Adam is able to connect with Aiden by being silly, and understanding when he needs a little boost of extra attention for confidence. Aiden now practices meditation at home, which even a few moments of silence any parent appreciates. Aiden speaks up and lets his friends in the neighborhood know when to stop or back off, like when the boys in our cul-de-sac get too rowdy. Aiden also tells all his buddies about Master Adam, and how he learned to block and protect himself. The neighbor parents have been asking us to tell them more because they even notice their own children benefiting. Thank you so much...
- Dr. A. M Dimartino
What do students have to say about our "Karate Kid" Program?
I like training at D'Lux Karate because I learn new karate moves every day and make new friends from other schools.
- Ashton Grassel, 8 yrs old
D-lux karate is a fun martial
arts school. It helps kids learn how to use defense on a person. If your interested in karate this is the place to sign up!
- Lauren Dimitrievski, student
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