Shelby Township Adult Martial Arts Classes

Combine The Best Of Both Fitness And Self-Defense In Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

Are you hoping to learn effective self-defense skills? Maybe you're just looking to stay in shape and challenge yourself each and every day. 

No matter what your goals might be, we've got you covered at D-Lux Karate Academy in Shelby Township. Our Adult Martial Arts program offers men and women across the community the chance to learn incredible striking and self-defense skills - all while staying active and having a blast. 

We are proud to work with ages 14 and up, including all experience levels and abilities. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

What Can You Expect From Our Adult Martial Arts Program?

At D-Lux Karate University, we focus primarily on the teachings of American Karate, coaching you through the basics of balance, striking, and concentration. But in our Adult Martial Arts program, we're offering those skills as a self-defense solution that is perfect for both the competition setting and a real-world threat.

From day one, you'll learn how to overcome an opponent in any situation with efficient and effective self-defense strategies. We're helping men and women all across Shelby Township improve their situational awareness and face life with complete self-confidence.

From day one, you can take on:

  • Kicks and punches from any position
  • Powerful blocks and defensive maneuvers 
  • Improved reaction times to a threat
  • A core set of self-defense skills for any situation 

And There's No Better Way To Get Fit And Have Fun

Self-Defense is the first priority of our Adult Martial Arts program. But that doesn't mean we're not also here to challenge your body and keep you motivated week after week. 

At D-Lux Karate University, we're putting an end to the boring workouts of a big box gym, helping you kill two birds with one stone instead by combining total-body fitness with effective self-defense.

Our Adult Martial Arts classes include a dynamic blend of strength building exercises and endurance training. We work hard to keep you guessing week in and week out.

We're helping people across Shelby Township:

  • Burn fat and enjoy healthy weight loss
  • Develop lean muscle tone across your entire body
  • Improve your overall athletic ability
  • Walk away feeling more accomplished than ever before

Ready To Try It Out? Join Us In Shelby Township For The Best Adult Martial Arts Training In Town!

Don't miss out on everything we have to offer here at D-Lux Karate University. Our Adult Martial Arts training is great for beginners and experienced athletes alike.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today or to learn more about everything we have to offer in Shelby Township.

Join Us In Shelby Township For The Best Martial Arts Training In Town

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