D-Lux Karate University Reviews

D-Lux Karate University Allie A.

My children absolutely love DLUX, I am extremely happy with how much they have learned in such a short amount of time of being in the program Master Adam is fun very caring and genuinely concerned about the progress of each and everyone of his students!He takes pride in his Dojo and the progress of his black belts in the making, also Mr Marc is a great addition to the program the kids love him and are always happy to see him in the class as well! Keep up the great work DLUX!

Allie A.

D-Lux Karate University Jenny K.

My kids loving coming to class! We go 2- 4 times a week. Master Lux and his staff make every class fun while still learning. Some classes are harder then others, but when they leave they talk about how much fun they had the whole car ride home. If you are looking for a family martial arts school this is the place for you!

Jenny K.

D-Lux Karate University Luis M.

One of the BEST Karate schools in the state of Michigan period. Master Lux really knows his craft and genuinely cares about every one of his students like they are his own family members!

Luis M.

D-Lux Karate University Jan K.

My grand kids enjoy going here. I am so glad they found something they enjoy. We tried other things like baseball, golf and swimming but nothing has been like karate. Thank you everyone for helping them find something they enjoy. I enjoy when they show me something new they learned.

Jan K.

D-Lux Karate University Marvin D.

Master Lux is one of the hardest working person I know! His dojo is 2nd to none. The self defense he has shown me is amazing. If you are looking for a martial arts school this is your place. 5 stars!

Marvin D.

D-Lux Karate University Bill B.

I've known master Lux and his family since he was a teenager. I'm very happy to see his school, ability, style grow into a great, giving, entity that he is. He is engaging with students and always wanting the best for them. He has trained in many styles and still does seek out seniors to improve what he has. I'm honored to call him my friend and feel he has a lot to offer the community he teaches in.

Bill B.

D-Lux Karate University Alphonzo B.

I’ve known Mr Adam Lux for a number of years and have had many positive dealings with him in the martial arts field. Great karate school and top notch instructor!

Alphonzo B.

D-Lux Karate University Richard Z.

My son really loves this place. It is a lot of fun to sit in on the classes they are funny and informative.

Richard Z.

D-Lux Karate University Joshua L.

Learned karate here and became a blackbelt years ago. This place has always brought in nice people and you make new friends fast. Its a great place to learn self Defense or if your into Competition sparring this is what the places you would like to go to learn these set of skills. Over all at least try it before you judge it everyone has a different Perspective.

Joshua L.

D-Lux Karate University Ryan G.

I’ve known Adam for over 13 years through martial arts and always a pleasure to come back and train with him. He has always been phenomenal when coaching kids!

Ryan G.

D-Lux Karate University Alyssa D.

DLux's Woman's Self Defense Class is great for women who want to learn to defend themselves. I'm taking the class before I transfer colleges and live on my own. It will give myself, my family, and my friends some peace of mind to know that I will know what to do if I'm ever attacked. Even though self defense is serious, the class is fun and great to take with someone!

Alyssa D.

D-Lux Karate University Victoria G.

My son loves it here and his grades have gone up tremendously since he’s been coming we’ve been to many Karate schools but this one is the only one that could keep his interest!! Thanks D Lux!!!!

Victoria G.

D-Lux Karate University Jon J.

I drive from port huron to train with master lux. Great atmosphere and a good fun work out with a very high quality teacher. Happier here than any other place I've seen in the area.

Jon J.

D-Lux Karate University Salina J.

My son absolutely LOVES coming here! HIGHLY recommended for all ages!! Definitely will not be disappointed!!!

Salina J.

D-Lux Karate University Alan M.

D lux karate is a great place to learn karate as well as respect discipline and self defense. Not only do I get to fulfill my child hood dream of learning karate, I get to share the experience with my daughter and learn together.

Alan M.

D-Lux Karate University Geoff C.

DLux Karate is a professional martial arts school with the commitment to the student s progress both physically and mentally. It’s a great family environment to grow WITH your kids!!!

Geoff C.

D-Lux Karate University Shannon B.

My boys love D-LUX Katate! Master Adam is passionate about teaching! They have fun but more importantly they are learning life skills including character building, responsibility, perseverance, and of course self defense.

Shannon B.

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